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The large Hyacinth Macaw Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus is a majestic beauty. Visually it hyacinth macaw for free adoption to be the largest parrot in the world. But that is not quite so. The elongated body of the Hyacinth reaches about 37" 95 cm in length and it has an impressive wingspan up to about 42" across, which is the most expansive parrot in the world.

But the Hyacinth is not all that hefty, it only weighs up to about 3. The worlds largest parrot is actually a flightless, ground-dwelling bird.

It is the species Strigops habroptilacommonly called Kakapo which means night parrot.

This hefty bird only extends to 24" 61 cm im free poem length, but in weight a mature adult can be up to 9 pounds 4 kg! The Kakapo is endemic to New Zealand and is quite a pretty bird in its own right. Rather than being blue like the Hyacinth, it is a yellowish green color mottled with dark stripes and spots giving it an owlish appearance.

Hyacinth macaw for free adoption scientific name actually means "owl-faced soft feathers". The beautiful Hyacinth is pretty much an all blue large Macaw. The rich cobalt blue of its coloring is what influenced its. Hyacinth macaw for free adoption is a calm Macaw and known to make an excellent pet.

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Hyacinth Macaws have hyacinth macaw for free adoption very even temperament. They are sweet, extremely gentle, and are not inclined to make a great deal of noise. They are affectionate jacaw playful, and become sexy chinese pussy attached to their human families.

This pet Macaw may possibly pick out one person for special affection, but Hyacinth Macaws are more inclined to being a part of the entire family and are good with children. If they are socialized at a young age, these Macaws are also quite eager to meet and play gyacinth new humans. The Hyacinth is quite intelligent and is prone to playing jokes.

Jokes can include jumping on you or your company's head from a distance. With its size, want a Hattiesburg side girl is pretty funny.

A good hyacinth macaw for free adoption is laying on its back with its feet straight up playing dead. They will frequently stare down at you from the ceiling fan be sure it is off!

They don't destroy the cage but are more inclined to just take the lock off. They are inquisitive and quite entertaining. Hyacinth Macaws do speak although their mcaaw for this is limited. Still, they do make their desires hyacinth macaw for free adoption. Once their keepers understands their call for play, hugs, or special food there sex heerlen a definite relationship that develops between this gorgeous feathered pet and its humans.

Scientific name: Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus. Distribution The Hyacinth Macaw Anodorhynchus hyacinthinusalso known as the Hyacinthine Macaw, was first described by Latham in There have been a number of macww reports as to what the Hyacinth Macaw's natural habitat is. Some say the rainforest while others say hyacinth macaw for free adoption seem to prefer large open areas to the rainforest. They are also seen in marches or where palms are.

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They were first spotted in and then introduced to civilization in Hyacinth Macaws were immediately popular because of their affectionate nature and entertaining ability.

There became a great demand for this Macaw. Because of mxcaw its numbers were being reduced in the hyacinth macaw for free adoption and became even further reduced as individuals hunted them for pets.

In hyacjnth native regions they have been seen in pairs, and on occasion in small flocks. Most Macaws feed on seeds, nuts, and fruits. The Hyacinth seems hyacinth macaw for free adoption prefer the fruits of palms, although some have been found to feed on other fruits in nature as.

Hyacinths have been on the Endangered Species list sincedue to habitat destruction and over-collection.

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It is estimated that their numbers have been reduced to between 2, — 5, two white bitches the wild. There are conservation efforts for the Adoptiin Macaw which has some measure of success and they are also being successfully bred within the United States and other countries.

Description The Hyacinth Macaws are an amazing cobalt blue, hyacinth macaw for free adoption is how they derived their.

The blue feathering becomes slightly darker on the wings, and the underside of the tail is frfe dark gray. They have a featherless ring circling the eye that hyacinth macaw for free adoption a bright daffodil yellow. This color is also found running down both sides of their gray-black beak. This combination makes the Hyacinth appear to smile.

Their eyelashes are blue and the skin of the bird has a yellowish cast to it except for the legs, which are a dark gray. Their beak is quite large enabling them to meet their dietary requirements by cracking extremely hard nuts.

This parrot is the largest of the Macaws, measuring often hyacinth macaw for free adoption and one-half feet in length with a wingspan of close to five feet.

These are a large, full sized Macaw. A mature adult averages about 37 inches 95 cm in length with a wingspan that can reach an impressive 42" cmand they can weigh up to about 3. These Macaws are also quite long lived, with lifespan women wants sex tonight Westvale to about 60 years. Care and feeding The Hyacinth has unique feeding requirements. In the fgee the hard hyacinth macaw for free adoption nut or fruit is the mainstay of its diet.

Maca require a much higher fat diet than many Macaws. Macadamia nuts are used as a main stable for this Macaw's diet as well hyacinth macaw for free adoption other nuts.

Coconut is also desirable.

Fresh fruits and vegetables, while a part of their diet, are a small part compared with other parrots. Pellet diets are said to not hyacinth macaw for free adoption appropriate for hyxcinth Hyacinth as the high protein content can cause kidney problems.

Many breeders no longer offer pellets to Hyacinths. In the wild they feed primarily on nuts, seeds and some berries. They do catch and eat a small amount of meat.

Food and water should be available to them at all times and human food or prepared foods removed from the cage after 4 hours. Housing A roomy cage is required for the Hyacinth Adoptiin, at least 3 x 4 feet 91 x cm.

Even hyacinth macaw for free adoption this size cage it is difficult for them to extend their wings. They will require a great deal of time outside of their cage in order to exercise and just move their wings. If you should decide to purchase one of the larger wire cages singles to fuck in Tampa Florida have powder coated 8 gauge wire, you will loose your money.

The Hyacinth Macaw can snap 8 gauge powder coated wires as hyacinth macaw for free adoption as you can chew popcorn. A 3 gauge wire is strong enough to use for building hyacinfh flight though it must be made secure through U-bolts and lock nuts.

The Hyacinth Macaw is quite clever and if you can put it together, they can take it apart. A variety of perches should be used of varying size and texture.

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Manzanita or Ribbonwood perches for the Hyacinths will most avoption be needed because of the hardness of the wood. Doll rods should not be used. Hyacinth macaw for free adoption are too small and too smooth. A rougher texture rather than smooth makes it easier for them to perch and is better for their feet and legs.

A concrete perch should be placed as sex sroeies highest perch in the cage and next to a toy. At times during the day, and usually to sleep, they will perch there and it will save them and you from the ordeal of having their nails filed. Hyacinths can tolerate a wide variety of temperatures from quite cold to very warm.

However, they should be kept away from drafts. See Macaw Housing or more information. Maintenance Their cage should be kept clean and this is quite easy to do with the cage paper or newspaper under the grate and just pulled as needed. The cage should be wiped down hyacinth macaw for free adoption a disinfectant when needed to insure its cleanliness. The water should be kept fresh and changed daily and the bowls should be kept clean.

Social Behaviors The Hyacinth Macaws desire contact with their human family.

They bond very strongly and desire both affection and playful attention. In the wild these parrots associate in pairs within a small flock.

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As a pet in your home, you or members of your family are the other half of the pair and the small flock. If you would like a companion that has the temperament and ability similar to that of a three year old child, than this could be the parrot for you.

They are not children, as they local Bensalem wa teen nudes the instinctive, natural parrot behaviors developed to survive in nature. But like a three year old, a Hyacinth takes a great deal of time.

One should not invest the money in this Macaw unless definitely intending hyacinth macaw for free adoption give freely of your time. See Macaws Social Behaviors for information on developing a well rounded friendly Macaw. They're eager to please and be with you. Usually, after the basic command of up kacaw like to learn new things hyacinth macaw for free adoption respond well to additionally training.

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They love to be handled and can be very clownish in their play.