Daniel Manuel for Oklahoma House District 25


You can find more information on what issues that Oklahomans face everyday are most important to Danny. 

Danny on the Issues


Oklahoma is approaching the end of its' second year in a major education funding crisis. This year alone, Oklahoma has set a new record of emergency teaching certifications because our teachers are leaving for brighter opportunities in other states. Our young professionals are graduating college and leaving in large quantities for the same reason. We cannot continue down this road, it will lead only to a failed state.

Our kids are our future, they have not failed, public schools have not failed, Oklahoma is failing them. When elected, I commit to supporting legislation that will improve the current situation of Oklahoma Public Schools, provide resources that teachers need, and ensure our future and the futures of our children.

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I understand how important it is to be readily available both at home and at the State Capitol. As a firefighter, I and my fellow firefighters have been responding to emergencies as they happen effectively and efficiently. That being said, I am committed to being readily available to constituents once elected and on the campaign trail.

One of the reasons that the Oklahoma State Legislature has been ineffective at meeting the needs of the citizens is because of the lack of integration within the parties. I understand the importance of working across the aisle with all other members of the legislature, for the good of all constituents. Closed door politics is not the way that the government should operate, and I am willing and ready to see that changed. 



I was officially adopted in 1977 by my family at three years old after spending time in foster care. As an active member of the Ada Community, I have hosted, attended and served at many education rallies, fundraisers and other childhood advocacy events. When I say that I am "pro-life", I am not just "pro-birth", I absolutely mean it. That being said, I commit to supporting legislation that favors funding for family assistance programs, social security, Medicare and Medicaid; education, adoption, and programs that will benefit disabled persons. 


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Government should protect our religious freedoms, not be used as a tool by a particular religion. I’m very thankful for the religious freedoms we have in our country. I also support religious freedom for people with different views than mine. Jesus had followers, many followers. Other than when He threw a bunch of folks out of the temple area, I don’t recall Him driving or forcing anyone to do anything. He did drive some demons out, but people followed Him. I follow Jesus today.

My faith is my core, but faith isn’t something you force or legislate on someone. When I say I want to be a godly leader, this is what I mean. I desire to display the fruits of the spirit such as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, and self-control. (Galatians 5:22-23) As a representative, I’ll fight tirelessly to protect religious freedom and not promote a religious agenda. Separation of church and state is critical and something I’m very serious about.


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I’m a definite supporter of the 2nd Amendment. I will fight to protect the rights of responsible law abiding citizens to own firearms for self-defense and for recreation. My children have been taught responsible firearm handling and safe shooting practices at home; but I am in favor of increased gun safety education opportunities for our citizens that don't have such resources available. 



This is a volatile topic and I will be completely honest.  I do ask that you please take the time to read all of this before reacting regardless of your views or position.

I am pro-life and this is what that means to me:

o   I care about the unborn.

o   I care about adequate access to healthcare for females and males.

o   I care about the well being of humans of all ages.

o   I will not attack someone that is pro-choice.

o   I will not promote unconstitutional legislation that wastes taxpayer money.

I am more concerned with doing good things at the state level that are feasible for us to do as a state.  For example, better health and sex education, proper access to contraception, improvements in the foster care system, and easier and less expensive adoptions.  I will show respect to all citizens regardless of how strongly they feel one way or the other on this issue.  Overturning Roe vs. Wade is not my agenda.  Doing the most good for the people of Oklahoma and House District 25 is what I am seeking to do.