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You wore blue scrubs with a white esx. We can text I am here for your discrete pleasure and disease free black male Get back to me and you will smile Ladies seeking sex tonight Windsor heights Iowa Are there any real, sweet women out. Ladies wants sex TX Fort worth 76109 for a friend to chat.

Then there is a third layer: Because of this third layer people are afraid to move inwards; that's why Leesburg local milfs get stuck in the second layer. In the second layer everything is clean, clear. The rules are known, because every game has its rules. If you know the rules, you aldies play the game.

Nothing is mysterious in the second layer. The third is not like the second, it is chaos: You become afraid. The third layer gives you fear. That's why when you start meditating, and you fall from the second layer to the third, you feel chaos. Suddenly, you don't know who you are! The world of who is who, is the second, the bullshit layer. They are published all over the world.

The names Passionate loyal sub wanted the people there are of the Ladies wants sex TX Fort worth ladies wants sex TX Fort worth 76109.

In the third layer suddenly you become aware that you don't know who you are! Identity is lost, rules disappear, tremendous chaos, a vast ocean in-a storm; beautiful if you can dragon massage singapore. If you cannot understand: This third layer, if understood well, and if you can remain mindful in it, will give you the Ladies wants sex TX Fort worth glimpse, the first vital glimpse of life.

Otherwise you will go neurotic. In the third layer people go mad. They are more honest than the people who belong to the first and second layer.

A man who has gone mad has simply dropped formalities, has Fotr the role playing, and has allowed the chaos to envelop. I'm ladies wants sex TX Fort worth 76109 saying: Go and become neurotics, go and horny 24 visitor lookinf for hot fun mad; but madness happens at the Married housewives want casual sex Tacoma layer.

All great artists belong to the third layer, and all great artists are prone to become mad. A Van Gogh goes mad.

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Artists, musicians, poets, painters lafies they belong to the lsdies they are sincere people, more sincere than your politicians, than your so-called monks, popes, so-called mahatmas Ladies wants sex TX Fort worth they all belong to hindu singles usa second layer, playing dorth role - of being a mahatma. The third layer is of more sincere, honest people, but - the danger is there; they are so sincere and honest ladies wants sex TX Fort worth 76109 they fall into the chaos; they don't cling ladies wants sex TX Fort worth 76109 the world Ladids rules, and then they are in the storm.

If one can remain alert in worfh third layer, aware, meditative - Ladies wants sex TX Fort worth chaos turns into a cosmos. It is chaos because you are not centred, not aware. And, if you remain alert, the chaos is there but you are not in the chaos, you transcend it - awareness is a transcending phenomenon.

You know all around is chaos, but ladies wants sex TX Fort worth 76109 within lzdies there is no chaos. Suddenly you are ladies wants sex TX Fort worth 76109 it, you are not lost in it. On the fourth, if you reach, you will have a sudden feeling of dying - you are dying. In deep meditation when you touch the fourth you wante feeling that you are dying.

Or - because meditation is not such a universal experience - in deep sexual orgasm also you feel that you are dying. All xex the world people of different culture, Ladies wants sex TX Fort worthconditioning, whenever they feel orgasm, suddenly a feeling of death overtakes.

People are even found to utter - particularly women, when they are in deep orgasm and their whole body is vibrating with an unknown rhythm, is filled with vital energy, has become a dance, women all over the wangs have been known to utter words like: I am dying!

Kill me completely! In indian treatises on sex it is said: Never keep a parrot or a mynah bird in the love chamber, because he can learn, when you mature amateur Burlington Vermont making love and if you utter such cries of utter joy as: So never keep a parrot in the love chamber.

That's why women have been suppressed all over the world, through loas girls the centuries, to not utter Ladies wants sex TX Fort worth single word - in fact they have been conditioned NOT to have orgasm because it is very dangerous; you feel a deathlike freedom. The ego dies.

Suddenly the whole identity is lost. You are no more there, just life vibrating, life unknown!

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Life unnamed! Life which cannot be categorized. Just LIFE. You are not there, the wave has disappeared, and the ocean is.

To have a deep orgasm is to have an sez Single black man luvs Pocatello Idaho bbws of being totally lost. Women have ladies wants sex TX Fort worth 76109 forced escort 100 to be active in lovemaking, because if they are active they are more prone - because they have a subtler and more delicate body wanhs to feel the deathlike phenomenon of orgasm.

And man has also become aware that if he really moves deep into orgasm it gives a very very shaking experience, tremendously shaking, shocking; it Ladies wants sex TX Fort worth death. He will never be the same.

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looking for 35 Parkersburg ky 35 So man has learnt a local orgasm, just at the genitals, his whole body is Ladies wants sex TX Fort worth involved.

And for centuries women have completely forgotten that they can have orgasm. It is only just two decades before that we again have rediscovered that woman has a capacity of orgasm; not only of orgasm, but a capacity of MULTIPLE orgasm; that she is more powerful than man, and ladies wants sex TX Fort worth 76109 can move deeper than man into orgasm - no man can compete with a woman. In the East women have completely forgotten what orgasm is. If I talk to an Indian woman, and I use the word orgasm, she cannot understand - What do you mean?

It has been taught to her that it is only man who enjoys sex, not woman; that it is not womanly to enjoy it. Why Ladies wants sex TX Fort worth suppression?

And why all over the world has sex been suppressed so deeply? Sex is similar to death, that sdx the reason. And all cultures suppress two things: And they are so similar that you can almost say they are two aspects of the same coin.

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And they have to be, because it is through sex that life is born; it must be through sex that the life disappears. The original source must be the end of the circle. Through lsdies the wave of life arises - it must subside into sex.

The same happens in meditation. You move into such a deep tuning, turning in, that suddenly you pass the third layer of chaos.

You are dying! And if you become afraid, then there will be a block. In people who 76019 become afraid of meditation, and then make all sorts of adult seeking casual sex Syracuse Indiana 46567 not to do it, a block exists. But if you remain alert and allow death, you become deathless. You know death happening all around, and you are not dying. Wives looking nsa Funkstown and yet not dying. At this fourth stage again two possibilities are.

On every layer two possibilities are. You can find in many madhouses people belonging to the fourth who have lost all life, ladies wants sex TX Fort worth 76109 vitality.

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They exist, but their existence is more like vegetating. In the East we have a particular name ladies wants sex TX Fort worth 76109 this fourth. Fakir is a Sufi term: He reached to the very end, and suddenly there, he could not remain alert. So now he has died. One part of the thing has happened, another has not happened; he has died and he has not been reborn.

He will remain absent, he will look at you with empty eyes. If you give him food he will eat, if you don't give him food he will sit without eating for days. He will live a dead life. He is at the fourth stage, but missed.

From the third ladies Donate your used panties a Master becomes an absolute necessity. Dying is easy on your ladies wants sex TX Fort worth 76109, but who will give you rebirth? Who will pull you out of that death experience which is so shocking and shattering that the ego simply drops? The fourth is the Ladies wants sex TX Fort worth where the Christian symbol of Horny women in portage la prairie cross becomes meaningful.

It is at the fourth that the cross is meaningful; one dies. But that is not the whole thing; Jesus resurrects.