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Daniel Manuel Campaign Staff Announced!

Daniel Manuel for House District 25 has been recruiting staff left and right! The team met for the very first time in an official capacity last Tuesday, March 6th. 


Staff members for Daniel Manuel for House District 25 include:

Sher-Mon Clements, 21, from Gangelt, Germany. Sher-Mon is a self-described "jack of all trades". His day jobs include operating his own small business and serving as a substitute teacher with Ada Public Schools. He also works as a STEM Coordinator at the Ada Boys and Girls Club. Sher-Mon will be serving the Daniel Manuel campaign as an Ethics Compliance Officer.

Michael K. Yaw, 47, from Orlando, Florida. Michael has previous experience as a campaign Treasurer from his time in Florida. He currently works for the Chickasaw Nation as a construction manager in Ada, Oklahoma. Michael has agreed to serve as the Finance Officer for the Daniel Manuel Campaign. 

Perla Tovar, 16, from Ada, Oklahoma. Perla is a full time student at Byng High School and volunteers on the media staff at Ada First Baptist Church. She will serve the campaign as our Special Events Photographer and also assist with communicating with Spanish speaking constituents of the Ada Community. 

David Pershica, 49, from Ada, Oklahoma. David coordinates a dance group in his spare time. He has agreed to help the campaign with event coordination. 

Lonnie Manuel, 49, from Ada, Oklahoma. Lonnie is currently employed at the Chickasaw Nation. He has committed to helping the campaign with data and research. 

Elsa Moseley, 22, from Sulphur, Oklahoma. Elsa is a current student at East Central University majoring in Political Science. Elsa is the college intern for the campaign for the Spring 2018 semester. Elsa will graduate from ECU in May 2018, her plans include an internship with the U.S. Department of State or working with the Peace Corps. 

Kimberley Harrelson, 43, from Durant, Oklahoma. Kim is an active member of the Bryan County Democrats. She works for the State of Oklahoma as a DHS Case Manager. Kim has agreed to be the Deputy Treasurer and Designated Filing Agent for the Daniel Manuel campaign. 

Jerreck McWilliams, 28, from Caddo, Oklahoma. Jerreck is an active member of the Pontotoc County Democrats and travels throughout the state helping to rebuild county democrat chapters. Jerreck's daytime job is a software developer at MGM Benefits Group. Jerreck has agreed to coordinate Get Out the Vote (GOTV) efforts for the Daniel Manuel campaign.

Audery J. DePre, 24, from Lebanon, Missouri. Audery is a recent graduate from ECU holding a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science. Audery serves as the Campaign Manager and in-house graphic designer for the Daniel Manuel campaign. 

More staff announcements are sure to be made soon, the campaign is still looking for volunteer staff to coordinate and recruit volunteers, an office assistant, and a website and social media coordinator. If interested in helping out in any of these capacities, call Audery at (918)869-3687.

Daniel Manuel
Friends of Daniel Manuel Wraps Up Year Strong

by Audery J. DePre, Campaign Manager

This year has been very energizing for the Daniel Manuel campaign. The campaign enjoyed engaging with many constituents and potential voters throughout the year at community events and on social media alike. 

"Campaigning can be hard work, but engaging with constituents is energizing." said Manuel. "The daily reminders of why I'm choosing the path in the first place fuel my passion and keep me focused on serving OK House District 25."

The campaign is thankful and has tremendously enjoyed the outpouring of support they have received. 

"I have known Danny Manuel for a long time. I went to nursing school with his Mom. He is a great Christian man whom I think we need as our representative, he cares for the people." said Karen Young-Muck, retired nurse and Ada community member. 

Danny and his campaign were able to successfully engage with constituents throughout 2017. Including the Pontotoc County Fair where Danny provided a ninja obstacle course for the Kids Ninja Competition. Almost 300 kids signed up to participate this year and thoroughly enjoyed themselves and enjoyed meeting their favorite American Ninja Warrior, Danny Manuel.

The campaign was also able to provide a ninja warrior obstacle course with more of a "free play" theme rather than an actual competition at AdaFest 2017.  Over 250 sign-up were received by the campaign staff at that event. 

The Daniel Manuel campaign is excited and is looking forward to what the 2018 election year holds. Danny remains optimistic as ever and he is ready and willing to see the campaign through to the general election in November. 

More information on the campaign, issue positions or Danny himself can be found at www.manuel4ok.com or by reaching out to the candidate at his personal phone number 580-320-3215.

Daniel ManuelComment
Daniel "Danny" Manuel for House District 25

Written by: Daniel D. Manuel, Democrat Candidate for House District 25


I am running for House of Representatives because Oklahoma is in a state of emergency.  By emergency, I mean a situation that is getting worse and needs immediate attention.  Public education has been cut to the bone and must be adequately funded to stop the downward spiral we have begun.  Our county commissioners are continually being expected to do more with less money.  State government departments are trying to address greater need with dwindling resources.  We must address this situation immediately. Failing to act now will only make it more difficult and more expensive to restore our district and our state. Failing to act now also leaves our people in desperate straits.

After spending the last 20 years as a professional firefighter responding to emergencies on a daily basis, I have a unique and broad perspective.  Emergencies don’t discriminate, and neither do I.  I have coordinated with various agencies and jurisdictions to provide quality service to the citizens.  I have been a part of finding and implementing solutions to problems affecting my community for 20 years, and I am ready to use my people, communication, and problem solving skills to serve in a new and larger way.

Obtaining my undergraduate and graduate degrees at East Central University helped me expand my horizons to great heights.  After international travel for mission trips and coast to coast travel in the U.S speaking and teaching, I have developed the communication and cultural skills to be prepared to deal with diversity and to properly represent our wonderful and diverse district. We need representatives who can work with and respect others now more than ever. All of this coupled with my extensive volunteer experience with non-profit service organizations and serving on the Ada Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors gives me a deep understanding of what it takes to do what is best for our district and state.

I humbly recognize that I have the skillset, discipline, and capability to adequately serve our district and our state.  Please support me as I seek to end this emergency and restore Oklahoma to its true potential.



Daniel Manuel
Former Democrat Candidate for Senate District 13 and Educator Endorses Manuel

by: Eric Hall, Former Democrat Candidate for Senate District 13

 Photo taken at a 2016 Ponotoc County Democrats Spaghetti Dinner

Photo taken at a 2016 Ponotoc County Democrats Spaghetti Dinner

I only knew Danny by reputation before getting involved in campaigning, he and I did have a master’s class together but otherwise didn't know much about each other. 

The day I filed for office, Danny was the first call I made to ask for his vote. I called him first because I had watched him give so much of his personal time and effort locally to supporting public education. I knew as an educator running for office I needed Danny in my corner. (I really thought it would be an easy call)

Well, it wasn't an easy call at all....

Danny was very honest that he didn't know anything about me as a candidate, he didn't take his vote lightly and ultimately, he said "if the election were today" he would vote for someone else. He wished me luck and did say he would research my candidacy.

While campaigning, I knocked thousands of doors and talked to thousands of people, but my first call to Danny stands out more than any other because he was real, he was honest and he was up front. I learned a lot from that conversation and gained a great deal of respect for him by his comments and honesty.

Danny was a man of his word. He researched my candidacy, he called and asked questions and we really got to know each other. As time passed, he became the most helpful individual both in physical and motivational support.

Fast-forward to the night of the general election....

I was waiting for results to come in, my family was out of town on a trip. I didn't want to have a watch party without them and struck out solo, trying to occupy my mind I took a couple hours to get some of my big campaign signs pulled down so I could spend the next couple of days with my children and wife. As I went out to do a little of that work, my phone rang. It was Danny, he had just got off work and was calling to wish me luck and asked what I was doing. 

He asked where I was working and said, "I'll be right there". He met me outside of town, hopped in the car and helped me pull t-posts out of the ground for an hour or two.

I tell you that long story, because people like Danny are few and far between. He is a man of integrity, a man of faith, and a man who personifies hard work and dedication.

While I am blessed to have recently had the opportunity to teach in my hometown and moved out of Pontotoc County. I am sad that I won't be able to be there to support Danny during the campaign. I'm sad I won't be able to vote for him, and I am sad he won't be my Representative.

But....if you are in Pontotoc County stop out and meet Danny. Get to know him and give him a chance to earn your vote. 

Whether you are Republican or Democrat, you'll instantly understand why I took the time to write this long post.

I am blessed to know him and am very appreciative of his friendship and council. If you value people over politics.... Danny Manuel is your guy!

Ada Firefighter Seeking Legislative Seat in 2018

By ERIC SWANSON Staff Writer | The Ada News | Aug 10, 2017

Danny Manuel’s interest in politics dates back to his childhood, when his grandfather served as a Pontotoc County commissioner.

  Photo Credit: Richard Barron | The Ada News

Photo Credit: Richard Barron | The Ada News

“I remember when I was probably about 10 years old, putting a ‘Lonnie Manuel for county commissioner, District 1’ bumper sticker on my bicycle,” Manuel said. “And kind of thinking then, ‘I may have my own bumper sticker someday, because I may do something like this.’ And it’s not that I started a plan right then, but that thought has been in the back of my mind.”

As an Ada firefighter, Manuel has served the public for nearly 20 years. And now, he is moving into the political arena.

A Democrat, Manuel is running for the District 25 seat in the Oklahoma House next year. The seat is currently held by Republican Rep. Todd Thomsen of Ada, who is term limited in 2018.

The Ada News recently interviewed Manuel about his decision to run, the skills he would bring to the position and other topics. Here are questions and answers from the interview, edited for clarity and length.

The Ada News: What made you decide to run?

Danny Manuel: I decided to run because I’ve seen the state of education in Oklahoma, and I’ve seen the cuts to important services that are important to me because of some of the areas that I like to volunteer in.

I’m part of the It’s a Child’s Life Foundation — we do the Orphan Love Mud Run and do stuff to help adopting families and raise awareness for fostering. That and public education — those are issues that are very important to me, and I’ve seen the lack of funding and the cuts and how our state is being affected by those.

With my job in the fire service, I have a very broad perspective. I go in the nicest homes, I go in the not-so-nice homes. And I realize that the best opportunity for all of those children and all of those young people to have a chance at success or a better future or to break a cycle that needs to be broken is for a good education. Public education is what provides that.

The Ada News: When you say you’ve seen the state of education in Oklahoma, are you referring to state funding for schools?

Danny Manuel: I have seen how the funding has been reduced and how it’s been cut year after year. I’ve seen that as the spouse of a teacher. I’ve seen how that’s affected my wife and her classroom.

I’ve seen that as a parent. I’ve seen eight- to 10-year-old textbooks that my daughter has used that, once or twice during the year, we might have to put a fresh coat of duct tape on them.

As a risk reduction educator — as a local firefighter — I’ve seen where schools have had to cut back on field trips because they don’t have enough money in their budget to drive a bus to a program.

So I’ve seen those things and realized that we need to do something.

The Ada News: Apart from the issues we’ve discussed, what made this the year to decide to run?

Danny Manuel: Well, it’s going to be an open seat. Todd Thomsen is in his final term because of term limits.

And I will have my 20 years in at the fire department in November, which means I will be eligible to retire. So if I get elected, I’ll end up with 21 years in the fire service and just transition to a different way of serving.

So a lot of things coming together. The timing of it, the education crisis — because I believe that education in Oklahoma really is in a crisis state. Our teachers are leaving the state, and we just really need to address this and stop this downward spiral that we’re in.

The Ada News: What skills do you have that would make you an effective lawmaker?

Danny Manuel: The skills that I have that will make me an effective lawmaker are people skills — being able to listen to people. Being able to listen is so important. Effective communicating is just critical.

I have the ability to consider perspectives and not just force my own beliefs on other people, but to truly listen to them and try to learn and understand where they’re coming from. That’s very important as well.

I show respect to all people. I can be polar opposites with someone, and I can still show them total respect. Be comfortable sitting right next to them, right across from them, and carrying on a conversation. I can do that and still show them respect.

I believe that’s one of the things that is lacking right now is that people aren’t willing to really consider a perspective and try to understand. Those people skills are really important.

The Ada News: If elected, what would be your top priorities as a legislator?

Danny Manuel: My top priority would be helping restore funding to critical services and education. Restoring the funding is what’s going to be critical to helping education, so they kind of go hand in hand.

Especially in this past session, there was a lot of talk about education. But we have to have money to fix the issues.


Daniel ManuelComment
Daniel Manuel Campaign Enjoys Constituents at the County Fair

by Audery J. DePre, Campaign Manager. September 9, 2017. 12:30 P.M.

The 100th Annual Pontotoc County Free Fair drew crowds throughout the entire week from all over Oklahoma. Friends of Daniel Manuel 2018 was delighted and thankful to get the opportunity to greet constituents, provide candy for kids and handout campaign literature at the fairgrounds. 

Candidate for Oklahoma House District 25 Daniel Manuel, Democrat, has been playing a role in the Pontotoc County Free Fair since he was a child. 

"As an active citizen that appreciates the value of serving the community; it is a joy and an honor to get to contribute to the success of our county fair," said Manuel.

This week at the fair was just as busy for Danny as it has been in the past. Danny volunteered his time during week by providing commentary for the Kids Tractor Pull on Thursday.

In addition to the volunteering for the tractor pull, Danny provided obstacles for a Kid's Ninja Competition for Children ages 6 through 12 on Saturday. 

"The kids excitement filled the air before registration was even open with many participating from not only Pontotoc County, but some from as far as Moore, Oklahoma and Texas." said Shelley Scifres, Pontotoc County Free Fair Director and local citizen. "We would not have a successful fair without volunteers like Danny."

The Pontotoc County Free Fair allowed Friends of Daniel Manuel 2018 to have an aggregate reach of around 250 people.

"Engaging with constituents was a great experience, I look forward to participating in the County fair again next year," said Manuel. 

Daniel Manuel Campaign Provides Entertainment for Kids at AdaFest

Photo Credit: Perla Tovar, Campaign Event Photographer

by Audery J. DePre, Campaign Manager. September 8, 2017. 5:00 P.M.

Saturday, August 26th, 2017 marked the 4th Annual re-kindled AdaFest. Thousands turned out for downtown activities and evening family activities on East Central University's Centennial Plaza.

Activities were sponsored by local business and organizations both in Ada and from around Pontotoc County. 

Candidate for Oklahoma State House of Representatives, Danny Manuel was present at AdaFest 2017 sponsoring a full-scale obstacle course for kids to play on at Juliana Park.

In addition to allowing kids to have fun playing on the obstacles, Danny was able to engage with many eligible voters from around Ada and Pontotoc County. Friends of Daniel Manuel 2018 estimates about 450 total constituents were reached during the festivities. 

"I was surprised by, the number of people whom I personally knew were either staunch Republican or at best anti-Democrat that walked up to Danny and said they were voting for him." said Jerreck McWilliams, a local Democrat that came out to volunteer for Danny and the Pontotoc County Democrats at AdaFest.

"I believe that's due to him having already spent his life in service to the people of our county and is now spreading a message of people over politics," added McWilliams.

Friends of Daniel Manuel 2018 is very optimistic and looking forward to AdaFest 2018 next summer.


Daniel ManuelComment
Local Firefighter Running for State Office
 Photo Credit: KXII

Photo Credit: KXII

By Sydney Gray | Posted: Thu 5:24 PM, Aug 10, 2017  | Updated: Fri 10:20 AM, Aug 11, 2017

ADA, Okla (KXII) Ada fire captain Danny Manuel says he's been in Pontotoc County his entire life, and for most of that time he's served his community.

"I've never lived worked, gone to school or gone to church farther than 8 miles from where I was born," Manuel said.

Manuel graduated from ECU with a degree in education, and he's worked for the Ada fire department for 20 years.

He's also has served on the board of the Ada Chamber of Commerce.

As he nears retirement Manuel says he wants to continue serving, which is why he's running for the District 25 seat in the Oklahoma House next year.

"As a public servant it's really given me a broad perspective and it's honestly given me the desire to want to serve more and this is just going to be a different way of serving," Danny Manuel said.

Current state representative Todd Thomsen is term limited, so the seat's up for grabs.

And a few community members say they think Manuel is good for the job.

"He knows where a lot of the problem areas are and he sees the whole community primarily through his job with the fire department," Robert Greenstreet said,"they go where ever things need to be done, so he sees every part of the town."

"He is one of the few candidates that we have that comes with a broad background and a good in depth understanding of what it takes to make a state great," Billie Floyd said.

Manuel says some of the most important issues to him are funding for public education and improving the department of human services.

He says he wants kids of all backgrounds to have equal opportunities in Pontotoc County.

"I know that providing them a good quality education is just critical for giving them an opportunity to achieve and succeed,"Manuel said.

Manuel says if elected his top priority will be restoring funding for education.

Primary voting begins in June.

"I know what is means to come together for the good of a community and the good of our citizens," Manuel said. 

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Daniel Manuel
Ada Holds Rally to Empower Oklahoma Schools Amid Budget Crisis
 Photo Credit: KXII

Photo Credit: KXII

By Brittany Harlow | Posted: Tue 9:53 PM, Mar 29, 2016  | Updated: Wed 6:26 PM, Mar 30, 2016

ADA, Okla. -- More than 400 people from several school districts came together at Ada Cougar Activity Center Tuesday night to show support for Oklahoma schools.

Parent said they were thankful for the opportunity to show appreciation for their teachers.

Misty Boyd brought her first grader, Brendan, to the event.

“Our teachers and our schools do an amazing job with our kids in the face of looming cuts and anxiety about their jobs they keep on making things happy and wonderful for our kids,” Boyd said. “And we just want to show up and say we’re here to help anyway we can.”

The rally comes less than a week after Ada schools announced they are shortening the school year to save money for next year's budget cuts.

Larger class sizes and a continued hiring freeze are expected in the days to come.

Ada Fire Captain Daniel Manuel organized the event. He told News12 he put the rally together to strengthen local public schools through teamwork.

“My goal is for when everyone leaves here tonight, that they leave with a sense of hope, purpose, and really a clear vision of what they can do as an individual to make things better,” Manuel said.

Manuel encouraged the community to communicate respectfully on issues they may not agree on.

“There’s a lot of finger-pointing and tonight’s not about finger-pointing,” Manuel said. “It’s not about laying blame. It’s about saying this is our situation but here’s what we’re going to do to go forward.”

He said even kids can be a positive influence by being respectful to their teachers.

State School Superintendent Joy Hofmeister said she was excited to see so many people at the event.

“So many people in this area who are committed to giving up their personal time,” Hofmeister said. “To giving their time, talent and their resources to make sure our kids have what they need.”

Hofmeister said retaining teachers in Oklahoma and the effects of the state’s budget shortfall are the two biggest problems facing education right now.

Representative Todd Thomsen said he's doing everything he can at the state level to help Oklahoma schools.

“What I can do as an individual representative is try my best to advocate for education and the importance of public education so that when we’re finalizing the budget that its prioritized with whatever we do,” Thomsen said.

Manuel said he hopes Tuesday's event is the first of many to come throughout the state.