Daniel Manuel for Oklahoma House District 25

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Former Democrat Candidate for Senate District 13 and Educator Endorses Manuel

by: Eric Hall, Former Democrat Candidate for Senate District 13

Photo taken at a 2016 Ponotoc County Democrats Spaghetti Dinner

Photo taken at a 2016 Ponotoc County Democrats Spaghetti Dinner

I only knew Danny by reputation before getting involved in campaigning, he and I did have a master’s class together but otherwise didn't know much about each other. 

The day I filed for office, Danny was the first call I made to ask for his vote. I called him first because I had watched him give so much of his personal time and effort locally to supporting public education. I knew as an educator running for office I needed Danny in my corner. (I really thought it would be an easy call)

Well, it wasn't an easy call at all....

Danny was very honest that he didn't know anything about me as a candidate, he didn't take his vote lightly and ultimately, he said "if the election were today" he would vote for someone else. He wished me luck and did say he would research my candidacy.

While campaigning, I knocked thousands of doors and talked to thousands of people, but my first call to Danny stands out more than any other because he was real, he was honest and he was up front. I learned a lot from that conversation and gained a great deal of respect for him by his comments and honesty.

Danny was a man of his word. He researched my candidacy, he called and asked questions and we really got to know each other. As time passed, he became the most helpful individual both in physical and motivational support.

Fast-forward to the night of the general election....

I was waiting for results to come in, my family was out of town on a trip. I didn't want to have a watch party without them and struck out solo, trying to occupy my mind I took a couple hours to get some of my big campaign signs pulled down so I could spend the next couple of days with my children and wife. As I went out to do a little of that work, my phone rang. It was Danny, he had just got off work and was calling to wish me luck and asked what I was doing. 

He asked where I was working and said, "I'll be right there". He met me outside of town, hopped in the car and helped me pull t-posts out of the ground for an hour or two.

I tell you that long story, because people like Danny are few and far between. He is a man of integrity, a man of faith, and a man who personifies hard work and dedication.

While I am blessed to have recently had the opportunity to teach in my hometown and moved out of Pontotoc County. I am sad that I won't be able to be there to support Danny during the campaign. I'm sad I won't be able to vote for him, and I am sad he won't be my Representative.

But....if you are in Pontotoc County stop out and meet Danny. Get to know him and give him a chance to earn your vote. 

Whether you are Republican or Democrat, you'll instantly understand why I took the time to write this long post.

I am blessed to know him and am very appreciative of his friendship and council. If you value people over politics.... Danny Manuel is your guy!