Daniel Manuel for Oklahoma House District 25

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Daniel "Danny" Manuel for House District 25

Written by: Daniel D. Manuel, Democrat Candidate for House District 25


I am running for House of Representatives because Oklahoma is in a state of emergency.  By emergency, I mean a situation that is getting worse and needs immediate attention.  Public education has been cut to the bone and must be adequately funded to stop the downward spiral we have begun.  Our county commissioners are continually being expected to do more with less money.  State government departments are trying to address greater need with dwindling resources.  We must address this situation immediately. Failing to act now will only make it more difficult and more expensive to restore our district and our state. Failing to act now also leaves our people in desperate straits.

After spending the last 20 years as a professional firefighter responding to emergencies on a daily basis, I have a unique and broad perspective.  Emergencies don’t discriminate, and neither do I.  I have coordinated with various agencies and jurisdictions to provide quality service to the citizens.  I have been a part of finding and implementing solutions to problems affecting my community for 20 years, and I am ready to use my people, communication, and problem solving skills to serve in a new and larger way.

Obtaining my undergraduate and graduate degrees at East Central University helped me expand my horizons to great heights.  After international travel for mission trips and coast to coast travel in the U.S speaking and teaching, I have developed the communication and cultural skills to be prepared to deal with diversity and to properly represent our wonderful and diverse district. We need representatives who can work with and respect others now more than ever. All of this coupled with my extensive volunteer experience with non-profit service organizations and serving on the Ada Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors gives me a deep understanding of what it takes to do what is best for our district and state.

I humbly recognize that I have the skillset, discipline, and capability to adequately serve our district and our state.  Please support me as I seek to end this emergency and restore Oklahoma to its true potential.



Daniel Manuel