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Secret love affair Yorktown with benefits I Am Want Man

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Secret love affair Yorktown with benefits

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This controversial advice comes from an academic who claims that Yokrtown 'sour' view of cheating has weakened family life by encouraging couples to divorce.

British social scientist Dr.

Internet Dating, Playfairs and Erotic Powerargues that rather than having an unyielding and intolerant opinion on extramarital affairs, British couples be more like the French and learn to be more liberal with their lovers. Secret love affair Yorktown with benefits says that people should meet secret lovers for casual encounters just as frequently as they dine out in nice restaurants with their long-term partners.

The former London School of Economics social scientist who also previously wrote for the think-tank the Center for Policy Studies also provoked controversy in with a book encouraging women to exploit their "erotic capita" to get on life.

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In her newest book, The New Rules of Marriage: Hakim claims that there "successful affairs" where both parties are happier but no one gets hurt affalr exist, and notes countries like France and other southern European nations with more liberal attitudes to marital betrayal also have lower divorce rates.

She secret love affair Yorktown with benefits praised Japan with its Geisha culture and greater acceptance of pornography in contrast to "killjoys" in Britain and America.

The internet, where people can easily find new lovers, is changing human sexual behavior on a par with the introduction of the contraceptive pill. She argues that rather than growing bitter, cheated husbands and wronged wives would be better off if they accepted infidelity and tried it out for themselves.

Hakim said that having an affair often makes people "nicer" and more appreciative of their long-term partners, and may even reduce the incidence of sexual harassment cases in the workplace. She argues that society's puritanical views on sex in the current age will only result in soaring divorce rates and a lifetime of unhappy serial monogamy.

She recommends that people in celibate marriages alter their perception to see that their situation is something that can and should be remedied, instead of being something to put up. Cheating may be the secret to unlocking marital bliss.

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